What is the Main Content of the Story The Three Monks

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The story of the Three Monks is a popular Chinese folktale that has been passed down for generations. The story revolves around three monks who are on a journey to seek enlightenment, but they face a series of challenges along the way. In this article, we will explore the key themes and lessons that can be learned from the story of the Three Monks.


The story of the Three Monks is an allegorical tale that uses the journey of three monks to represent the spiritual journey of an individual seeking enlightenment. It is a story that has been told for centuries, with different versions and interpretations found in various cultures.

The Three Monks

The story begins with three monks who are traveling together. They come across a river and find a woman who is unable to cross. The first monk offers to carry the woman across the river on his back, despite the fact that it is against his monastic vows to touch a woman. The second monk is outraged by this action, but he does not say anything. The third monk remains silent and simply observes.

After they have crossed the river, the first monk puts the woman down and they continue on their journey. The second monk cannot contain his anger any longer and berates the first monk for breaking his vows. The first monk explains that he carried the woman across the river out of compassion and that he put her down once they had crossed. He did not cling to the woman and had let her go.

The third monk then speaks up and says that the first monk has already let go of the woman, but the second monk is still carrying her with his anger. The three monks then continue on their journey.

Themes and Lessons

The story of the Three Monks contains several key themes and lessons that are relevant to our lives today.


The first theme is compassion. The first monk was able to show compassion and help the woman cross the river, even though it went against his monastic vows. He did not judge the woman or hold onto any anger towards her. Instead, he showed her kindness and helped her in her time of need.


The second theme is forgiveness. The first monk was able to forgive the second monk for his anger and criticism. He did not hold a grudge and was able to let go of any negative feelings towards him. This shows us the importance of forgiveness and how it can help to heal relationships and bring peace into our lives.

Letting Go

The third theme is letting go. The third monk was able to observe the situation and recognize that the first monk had already let go of the woman, but the second monk was still clinging onto his anger. This shows us the importance of letting go of our attachments and not holding onto negative emotions or thoughts.


The fourth theme is non-judgment. The first monk did not judge the woman for needing his help or for being a woman. He was able to see her as a human being in need of assistance and helped her without any reservations. This shows us the importance of seeing others as equals and not judging them based on their gender, race, or any other external factors.


The story of the Three Monks is a powerful allegory that teaches us important lessons about compassion, forgiveness, letting go, and non-judgment. These themes are still relevant today and can help us to lead more fulfilling and peaceful lives. By embracing these lessons, we can become more compassionate, forgiving, and accepting of others, as well as ourselves.